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New Awesome T.O. Logo

8 Feb

Created by awesome volunteer (and past Awesome Foundation applicant) Gregory Alan Elliott. Cool, huh? Wanna get in touch with Greg? Ping him here: @greg_a_elliott.

October Winner! ChocoSol

31 Oct

ChocoSol’s “Off-grid Chocolate Factory Mini-mobile” is a one-stop-shop truck for all things chocolate and renewable energy. Tasty treats made with pedal-powered love.

Congratulations! What’s your project all about?
Our project is to promote social justice through food. Our chocolate is an invitation to participate in a more just food system where all participants are respected as equals and the land upon which we all depend is cared for in a sustainable way.

Cool. So how will ChocoSol save humanity from itself?
ChocoSol will save humanity from itself by reconnecting people and planet. We are raising awareness about the ecological implications of modern industrial food production by embodying alternatives to that system and showing anyone interested how far you have to go to be sustainable. Also, through our various energy initiatives, we are reminding people how much energy it takes to do things.

After you’ve ridden a bicycle grinder to grind a kilo of beans you have more appreciation for that blender on your counter-top at home. We’re raising awareness about the disconnect between people and their food every time someone holds up a cacao pod and exclaims “I never knew chocolate came from a fruit!”