The June Shortlist

11 Jul

A little late, I know, and it’s totally my fault, but here’s the shortlist, the winners’ post and video will be up in a day or so as well. Hope you all saw us at Harbourfront for Canada Day!

Nomadesk: The Nomadesk Writer’s Residency is an inclusive publishing experiment that uses a nomadic desk/typewriter apparatus to bring the private act of writing into public space. This project has existed in past incarnations, but what I propose to the Awesome Foundation is: A Cycle-Driven, Toronto- Specific, Writer’s Residency Open to the Public!

Stop|Gap: an initiative with a goal to raise awareness about barriers in our built environment. Our first project that we have embarked upon is called The Ramp Project. With help from Home Depot businesses with single stepped storefronts are invited to participate and have a custom ramp made at no cost. We want groups to be able to take on their own Ramp Projects in their respective communities and our plan is to have an ultra transparent do-it-yourself Ramp Project guide on our website.

Humber Bridge Sculpture: We are creating two large creatures 5’x18′ that look like blown glass but are made of translucent painted fibreglass. The creatures will appear to be swimming within the Humber Pedestrian Bridge 20′ above pedestrians. At night they will have a bio-luminescent glow. It will be the first ever art project official sanctioned for mounting on the Humber Pedestrian Bridge.

Landed: A series of three 25 minute comedic pod plays showcasing Toronto Filipino immigrant stories over three Toronto neighbourhoods, Downtown, North York and Scarborough. The pod plays will include and address the physical surroundings of the specific neighbourhood, neighbours and the changing landscape. Like summer walking tours, audiences will experience a very specific Toronto Story, in more accessible way than a formal sit-in theatre

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