The April Shortlist

30 Apr

The Love Lettering Project creates far better love poems than the self-indulgent one above, based on things that Torontonians love about Toronto. Then these bite-size love letters are left throughout our city for inquisitive others to find. The next time you see an airmail envelope dangling from a tree…you just might want to open it.

Sean Martindale had seen enough sad, decrepit, unloved concrete planter boxes enslaving Toronto’s urban trees. Beginning last year, he recruited other lovers of built form to shine a love light on the cement cubes that line our streets. With Outside the Planter Boxes 2012, Sean and his rag tag band of planter box saviors intend to make a planter box near you more interesting, more curious, and more awesome.

There are far too many charities whose missions don’t appear enticing to would be donors. Great organizations that need a little help. I Dare You to Care Cards are a way to bring much needed attention and resources to a few of these unsexy charities. By creating challenges (for you and your friends!) that challenge you to create fun events to raise money and awareness for these organizations, these cards give everyone permission to help and great ways to care.

Rear-View Art Space will add depth and whimsy to your favorite alley way or other hidden space. By placing strategic peepholes in places that look onto other worlds, passersby will be rewarded for being nosy with a peep into a world reinterpreted by artists. Remaking the places around us to provoke inspiration

The Kenwood Lane Art took a hodge podge of garagery and made it a beautiful laneway. By combining community spirit and some really great painting skills, Elly Dowson and Christine Liber created a wonderful public gallery and are looking to expand the beautifying by other neighborhoods.

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