December Winner: Flamin’ Rainbows

14 Feb

Flamin’ Rainbows: Awesome by name, awesome by nature. Flamin’ Rainbows is the brain-child of Alex Leitch, who is developing the art of coloured flame installations. The goal is to design a system that will shoot six-colour rainbows in bursts of flame, possibly from the mouth of a unicornoceros.

1) Congratulations! What’s your project all about?
My project is a demo for how to shoot gusts of fire in whatever colour I choose and can mix the chemistry for, automatically, by electronic control. It is also about producing something that appears to be laughably dangerous, but is in reality reasonably safe. As long as it’s pointed away from yourself, anything flammable, and things you don’t want covered in metal salts, anyway.

2) Where can we follow your progress?  Will their be a public showing at some point?
You can follow my process at , where I have just put up the first pictures of fancy switches and some non-specific 3d renders. Everything will be in bits until it is magically complete, because at this point I have time to make a really good blog template, or I have, um, time to build a gun that shoots rainbows. will always be an excellent resource for whatever I am coming up with this week.

3) What could possibly go wrong?
What ELSE could possibly go wrong?!

Technical Answer: it could actually blow up in my hands! Or someone else’s, which would be so much worse.

Congratulations Alex!

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