The June Short List

18 Jul

Awesome Jobs that Really Exist: Rescuing Torontonians from the daily grind by compiling a list of the truly Awesome professions to which they can aspire.

Attack of the 50-foot Rob Ford: Challenging Toronto’s war on graffiti with a 50-foot photo-transfer paste-up of Mayor Rob Ford.

Bathurst Boogie-Woogie: Battling bland street-scapes through colour theory. Uplifting our spirits by painting concrete behemoths in soothing hues.

Blanche Fest: One hundred Blanche Dubois-es sipping Cherry Coke in Dundas Square, discussing our desire for streetcars and other topics with passers-by.

Discoballistic Sun Shower: 80 disco balls hung together in a corner of Toronto creating a completely awesome sun shower each and every day.

Smoker’s Skeleton: Anti-smoking agitprop. An art-sci ‘skeleton’ hanging out by public ash trays challenging Torontonians to give up smoking.

2 Responses to “The June Short List”

  1. Sugarduk September 17, 2011 at 9:05 pm #

    who got the bag o cash?

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